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Welcome to the site where dogs come first!

DOGS ONLY is a canine resource site designed to make life easier for people and their dogs. Or, more importantly, dogs and their people. Starting from when you decide to get a dog, choosing a breed, naming him, training, feeding, exercising, and finally, having a little fun with your dog. There will always be something new a dog can teach you.

DOGS ONLY is the result of thorough research into how to have a healthy happy dog. It is designed to be brief enough to read at a single sitting, detailed enough to function as a quick dog reference site, and enjoyable enough to warrant a return visit.

If you are a new or potential dog owner, do yourself a favour, and read as much as you can about dogs. Be prepared for financial cost, the demands, responsibilities and impact on your lifestyle. But above all, be prepared to share your life with a wonderful, dedicated, whole-hearted, companion.

Feel welcome to submit your photos and stories about your favourite pooch, plus any useful tips to help fellow dog-lovers.

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